Spring Home Maintenance Tips

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Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Being a homeowner sometimes takes effort with a laundry list of things around the home that needs to be taken care of. Sometimes it seems as if we spend all weekend doing things necessary to protect one of the biggest investment, or homes. With Spring just around the corner and the daylight getting longer, now is a goo time to get caught up with some of these household chores. To help you get started, we have a list of important Spring Home Maintenance tips for you.


HVAC System

Start by replacing the your HVAC filter. This should be done on a regular basis and depends on where the filter is located the frequency. The main objective is to stay on top of it throughout the year. Doing this can drastically prolong the life of your A/C system and help it run more efficiently. Also keep objects such as vegetation and debris  away from the condensing unit located outdoors. As an added protection you may want to hire a Professional HVAC Company to do an annual checkup. Typically they will clean the coils, check refrigerant levels and the overall operation of the unit. 

Clean Gutters and Downspouts 

The Spring is the time of year that tends to have more rainfall than other seasons. It is important that rain coming off the roof be properly directed away from the home and it's foundation. For this reason it is important to make certain gutters and downspouts clear of debris preventing them to operate correctly.


Repair Chipping or Pealing Paint

Over time the exterior paint of your home tends to flake and peel away. When this happens it leaves bare wood exposed, typically this will be seen around exterior trim, windows and doors. Properly prepping the surface correctly and repainting areas will help  protect the wood from being exposed to outside elements preventing them from being damaged or rotting. 

Re-Caulk Around Windows

Over time caulk can dry out and become brittle which causes drafty windows and makes it difficult to cool a home during the summer. Poorly caulked windows can also cause issues such as water penetration which can be costly to repair. It if has been a while since you replaced the old caulking start with scraping or cutting the old caulk away before re-applying with new. Doing so will help it last longer and will help improve the efficacy of your windows and doors.

Replace Batteries in Smoke Detectors

It is important to make sure your homes smoke detectors are working properly. Many smoke detector manufactures recommend testing them at lease once a month. As a rule of thumb it is recommended replacing the smoke detectors batteries twice a year or every time the time changes. 

Clean Under the Refrigerator 

To extend the life of your refrigerator it is recommended vacuuming behind and under your refrigerator. Before getting started it is recommended checking the owner's manual to learn about how to property care for the unit. Start by pulling it away from the wall and gently vacuuming behind and under depending on where the coils are located. Doing so will insure it is getting enough air circulation for proper operation. 

Flush Out Water Heater

Depending on the water in your area it is recommended flushing a water heater at least once a year and more often if you have hard water. Doing so will improve and extend the life of the water tank. To learn more about how to flush the water heater check out some online tutorials that will show step by step how to safely flush your water heater. For someone who may feel uncomfortable doing so consider hiring a local licensed plumber to service your water heater.


Many times homeowners feel as if there is always something to do around the house. By making checklist of things that need addressing and breaking them up over a few weekends it makes the tasks easier to deal with. Property maintaining your homes many systems is protecting your investment. 



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