Single or two story home

Single vs Two Story Home

Thinking about buying a home? Not sure if a single or two story home is in your future? A few things to think about before making the plunge. One consideration in a two story home is the master suite is located upstairs or down. It has been my experience some homeowners prefer not having to climb stairs. However those with young children tend to like being upstairs. 


Generally single story homes have fewer rooms compared to a two story home with a similar footprint. When comparing a single story of the same square footage will also take up less space on a lot, leaving more room for outdoor time. 

Heating and Cooling

Typically a two story home with similar construction (type of insulation, windows) and size will have an increased cost for heating and cooling. Because warmer air rises the top floor will be warmer than the bottom floor. Some two story homes will use an air damper system or dual HVAC systems.  

Construction Costs

It is more expensive to construct a single story home compared to the same square footage of a two story home. Because the single story home requires a larger foundation. Also in some communities with smaller lots there may be a lot premium to accommodate a larger footprint.