Sellers Net Sheet

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Seller's Net Sheet

Before excepting an offer on a home it's a good idea to have your Real Estate Agent give you a Sellers Net Sheet. The Seller's Net Sheet is a document that estimates how much money you expect to earn from the sale of your home after subtracting fees and expenses. Typically home sellers can expect between 6 to 10% of the final sales price in commissions and closing costs. The sellers net sheet is a more detailed list of where the money is going. The Sellers Net Sheet is an estimate of the proceeds, usually the Title Company will send a Settlement Statement a few days before closing with exact numbers.  

What is on a Seller's Net Sheet

The Sellers Net Sheet includes the following (there may be additional fees) :

* Sales Price

* Type of Loan

* Buyer's and Seller's Agent Commissions

* Title Company Document Prepetition Fees

* Escrow Fee

* Mortgage Payoff

* Home Warranty 

* Title Policy Fees

* Buyer/Seller Agent Professional Fee

* Recording Fee

* Guaranty Assessment Recoup Fees

* Prorated Tax Assessment Fee

* Current-year Prorated Property Tax

* Tax Certificate 

* Estimated Variable

* Title Company E-File Fee

*Estimated Costs to Close

* Projected Net at Closing

* Projected Net after Escrow Refund From Lender

Who Prepares The Net Sheet

Typically the Seller's Agent will prepare the Seller's Net Sheet. Sometimes the Title Company will. Depending on your agent they may prepare one when a list price is set to give a rough idea of what to expect. Another time is when a prospective buyer makes an offer. Since the seller's net sheet lays out the estimated expenses, you the seller can make a more informed decision on fees and expenses. For more information about a Seller's Net Sheet contact Allen Deaver of Asset Realty today. 


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