Moving Checkist

Moving Reminder Checklist

Moving can be an exciting time. Lot's of things to think about when changing from one place to another. Just a few items to do to make your transition a bit smoother. 

Address Change

  • Give Post Office your forwarding address
  • Notify friends and relatives
  • Change address with subscribers 
  • Change address with the Department of Motor Vehicles 


  • Transfer funds, arrange check-cashing in the new area
  • Obtain necessary cashiers check for closing real estate transaction

Things to Remember

  • Plan for your pets tags and nearby Veterinarians 
  • Make sure you have enough cash to cover moving expenses
  • Hand carry jewelry and important documents


  • Notify health, fire and auto insurance company with the new address
  • If moving to a new area ask for referrals to a new Doctor and Dentist
  • Transfer medical records to new health care professionals