Do's and Don't for Home

House Hunting Etiquette 

When preparing to purchase a home there are steps to do before staring your journey. The very first step is to get pre-approved for a home loan. This can give you an idea of your budget, how much you are able to spend for a home. Another is to find a Real Estate Agent familiar with the area you plan on purchasing a home. Also have an idea of the must-haves things like number of bedrooms, bathrooms, school district and so on.

Be On Time

Once you have your financing in place, have a local REALTOR and a budget it's time to start the Home Hunt. When searching for a home keep in mind some of these may be occupied by the homeowner or a tenant. Keeping this in mind your agent will schedule a date and times to preview homes. On occasion the occupant of the home you are previewing is advised to not be present during the showing. So they make arrangements to temporary leave the property. So it is important to value the time of the occupant and your agent by being on time.  

Etiquette in the Home

When house hunting show respect for the property. You are expected to open closets, look in cabinets and bathroom doors. But never open personal property such as dressers or nightstands. Watch out for pets, sometimes the occupant may put them in a kennel, but be aware they may be roaming free. Another consideration is what you say and do in the home. Some homeowners have security systems that have cameras and microphones. So be careful what you say inside the home. Your Agent has shown hundreds of homes will be your guide. 

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