Home Staging

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Home Staging

Home staging is a practice of styling or furnishing a property in such a way to enhance it's desirability to perspective buyers. Staging your home will help it sell faster and more money. According to the National Association of REALTORS 46% of Real Estate Agents agreed that staging a home increases it value between 1 to 5%. And staging a home will decrease the amount of time the home stays on the market. To stage a home doesn't take a professional decorator. Many times by making some simple changes with the furniture available will create an inviting home that shows well. By using your furniture will save both time and money. 

Curb Appeal

Having the outside of your home neat and tidy is just as important as having the inside. If the outside of your home looks shabby potential buyers will think the inside is also. Just a few things you can do to help your homes curb appeal:

* Power wash the walk-ways, patios, brick/stone exterior and siding.

* Clean the rain gutters

* Keep the lawn mowed and edged. Be sure to sweep grass clipping and in the colder weather rake leaves.

* Put mulch in the flower beds. Fresh mulch will really make your home pop.

* Wash windows and screens

* Keep bicycles, trash cans, kids toys and lawn equipment out of sight. 

Deep Clean Inside

After you have the outside of you home in order now use the same care and attention to the inside of your home. A messy or dirty home tends to turn buyers off when previewing a home. One consideration would be to hire a professional cleaning company to do a deep cleaning. This deep cleaning should include grout, moldings and hard to reach areas like under beds and appliances. 

Hire a cleaning company to do a deep clean to make sure that all of forgotten places are accounted for including the grout, moldings, ceiling fans, drapery and the hard-to-reach crevices between appliances. Another consideration is having the carpet's and hard tile professionally cleaned. 

Declutter, Depersonalize and Remove Excess Furniture

When it comes to staging, many times less is better. By removing items it will give the space a larger appearance which will appeal to more buyers. Consider removing any extra furniture in living and bedrooms. Kitchen and bathroom counter tops should have minimum knick-knacks. Remove excess clothing from closets, put away clothing that is out of season. This will give the closets a bigger appearance. Depersonalize the home. Remove personal items. This will help potential homebuyer envision themselves living in the home. Another good idea is to secure any medication, valuables and firearms. 


Staging a home does not have to be complicated or require spending thousands of dollars. Is about making common sense based on the type of home and furniture you have. For more ideas about staging your home for sell contact Allen Deaver of Asset Realty today.


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