Home Selling Checklist

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Home Selling Checklist

Getting ready to sell your house? Selling a home is a lot more than just putting a "For Sale" sign in the front yard and uploading a few pictures. So before putting your home on the market check out this list of must do's to prepare your home for potential buyers. Some of these tips are easy while others may need a bit of elbow grease. 

Find a Real Estate Agent

Find a Local Real Estate Agent who is familiar with the area you live in. Your Real Estate Agent should be someone you are comfortable working with and someone you trust. Do some research. Maybe ask people you know who live in the area. Consider interviewing a few of them to find the right fit for you and your home. 


Curb Appeal

They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression. That expression goes for real estate too. Curb appeal is how well does the home look from the street. A few easy fixes can make your home pop. Consider planting colorful flowers, repainting or staining your front door, power washing sidewalks and driveway, adding fresh mulch to flowerbeds. These are just a few easy and inexpensive fixes that will go a long way.


Before putting your home on the market it is important to declutter. Remove excess items from counters, windowsills, tables and other areas. Be sure to not forget about items behind closed doors, closets (remove seasonal items not used to give them a bigger appearance) and other areas a potential buyer may look. A decluttered home will look more organized and appeal to a larger group of homebuyers. Less is better.


After you have decluttered the next step is to depersonalize. Many times a home buyer will be distracted by personal items and will not be able to visualize themselves living in the property. The homeowner should remove any personal items such as family photos, personal collections, bold artwork or furnature that may make the home look less appealing to a buyer. 

Neutral Paint Colors

Paint any accent walls or rooms with a neutral color. Preferably a lighter and neutral color. One of the benefits of a light color makes the room look brighter. As a general rule the paint colors should be the same throughout the home.

Touch Up Paint

If you are doing a full-on paint interior job or pay particular attention to cleaning and painting baseboards, scuff marks, walls and doors. This will make the home sparkle and look well maintained.   

Tighten Loose Door and Plumbing Handles 

You would be surprised the negative effect a loose door handle has on a buyer. And while you are at it replace any missing or burned out lightbulbs. These little things will give a potential buyer assurance the home is taken care of.

House Plants

When staging your home consider adding a few plants to brighten the home making it more welcoming. Adding a bowl of artificial fruit to the kitchen counter or table will give the room a splash of color.

The Sniff Test

Sometimes foul odors, even slight ones may be a deal breaker. Consider having a third party who does not live with you try and detect any pet odors or lingering odors from your kitchen. Some additional cleaning may be needed. Don't use candles or plug-in room deodorizers to mask smells. 

Elbow Grease 

Your home can never be too clean. You want the property to look spotless. Once your home is on the market be sure to keep everything tidy for buyers. Keep dishes out of the sink, make before leaving, keep toilet lids down, keep items off of countertops. Keep the home in showing condition.

Secure Valuables 

It is recommended to lock up or store off-site any valuables. This includes jewelry, medications and firearms. During showings the visitor should be accompanied by their Real Estate Agent, however many times multiple people are previewing the home and may be in separate areas of the home.

Consider Hiring a Professional Home Stager

A professional home stager will evaluate the current condition of your home and determine what elements may improve the appeal. Some will use your current furniture or recommend renting items. Their job is to help drum up interest of your home from potential buyers.


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