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What is a Home Inspection

One of the critical steps when purchasing a home is having the home professionally inspected. It is important to understand what a home inspection entails and how it affects the sale of a home. A home inspection visually inspects the structure and it's systems. Your inspector will provide a written report of problem areas. The home inspection is typically done during the option period and allows the buyer's Agent to negotiate needed repairs or items that need to be replaced. It covers three main points which are the physical condition of the home, including the structure, construction and mechanical systems. It will disclose any significant health or safety issues. 

What Does a Home Inspection Cover

A home inspection includes a visual inspection of the home from top to bottom. Typically the homes general structure, flashings, framing, HVAC system, chimneys, plumbing and electrical systems, drainage, bathroom and laundry facilities, foundation, safety devices, kitchen appliances, a general inspection of the homes interior and exterior, attic insulation, roof and ventilation systems. An inspector cannot report on defects that are not visible, defects that are hidden behind finished walls, under carpeting, in inaccessible areas and those that have been intentionally concealed. Systems that are seasonally inoperable (Air Conditioning or heating systems) will not be turned on during the inspection. 

How to Find a Home Inspector

Usually or Real Estate Agent, friends or family can recommend a home inspector or by looking online. Be sure to check any online reviews they may have. It's a good idea also for you and your Real Estate Agent to be present near the end of the inspection. This will for any questions and to do a walk through of with the inspector who can point out any potential trouble. Many inspectors will offer maintenance tips as a part of the home inspection process. 

Seller Repairs 

The Seller is not required to make any repairs, replacements or maintenance to the property. However, the buyer can use the inspection report to negotiate items that need to be addressed. Sometime in leu of repairs the seller may reduce the sales price. 

How Long Does a Home Inspection Take and How Much Does it Cost

Typically a home inspection generally takes a few hours. New construction will take less time than an older home. Also the size of the home will determine the amount of time. 

Currently a home inspection for the average home will cost between $300 to $500 and will vary on the size of the home, type of construction and age. 


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