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Getting Your Home


Getting your home Sold can be stressful and time consuming. It can be emotionally challenging and sometimes feel like an invasion of privacy having strangers coming into your home, opening closets, cabinets and looking around. Most homeowners have little to no experience with the complexities of a real estate transaction. However with a little know-how you can avoid many of these mistakes and shorten the time your home will be on the market, while selling it for the highest and best price. This blog is to help you make informed decisions on how to successfully sell your home. 


Properly pricing a home is critical. An over priced home typically will have few if any showings. How do you find the appropriate price for your home? One way is to hire a Real Estate Agent familiar with home values in your area. Your Real Estate Agent can do a Comparative Marketing Analysis comparing your home to similar homes that have recently sold. This data will not only have how much similar homes have sold for but also the average number of days on the market. Depending on several variables your Real Estate Agent can give you advise on how to competitively price your home. 


Another consideration is terms. How easy is it for someone to purchase your home? A few things to consider are how easy is it for someone to view the home, do you need to do a leaseback or other contingency's, is the home a rental with tenants who have a current lease. These are a few items that can affect who will purchase the home, what they will offer and how long it will stay on the market. 


What is the current condition of the home? Typically a home in saleable condition will be on the market a shorter amount of time and will sell for a higher price. Your Real Estate Agent should give you advise of items to be repaired and how to stage the home to appeal to a larger group of home buyers. 


It almost goes without saying, in real estate it's all about Location, Location, Location. We can do much about where the home currently is located but a few items potential home buyers consider. What is the rating for the public schools and do they offer special programs. Is the home located near major roads, airports or other noisy areas. What is the condition of other homes the neighborhood. Is there a lot of crime. What kind of amenities does the community offer. These are just some of the many items that can affect the sale of your home.


The items listed above are mostly the responsibility of you the homeowner. How the home is marketed to the public mostly falls on the shoulders of the Listing Agent. They should market the home in a way it features the home many features. Using professional photography, staging inside and out, social media and other marketing tools properly will allow it to be seen by a large audience of ready, willing and able homebuyers. To effectively market your home it should be listed on the local Multiple Listing Service and other online platforms. 


Selling a home in the shortest time for the most money requires work and experience. For more information or a No-Obligation consultation contact Allen Deaver of Asset Realty today.


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