Getting Your A/C Serviced in the Spring

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Four Reasons to Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced in the Spring

Summer is just around the corner and it won't be long till we will be cranking up our A/C systems. As temperatures in Central Texas continue to soar homeowners will become reliant on their A/C systems to keep comfortable. This is why it's important to keep your HVAC running at it's peak efficiency. Air Conditioners experience regular wear and tear so the best time to have a tune-up is in the Spring. 


Your Home will be More Comfortable

Before the extreme heat of a Central Texas summer it is important your A/C unit is functioning at it maximum efficiency by having it tuned up. In the Spring many of the HVAC company's run tune up specials.  


Cleaner Indoor Air

With a regular HVAC tune-up's you would be surprised to learn your house is probably dirtier and more polluted than outdoor air. Pollutants inside your home are harder to get rid of than outside. Having your HVAC tuned-up will typically include changing A/C filters which can reduce allergens. They will also clean out dust and dirt from your A/C so it doesn't end up going back into your home.   


Saves Money

Heating and cooling costs account for a large part of your home's energy bill. Having a tuned up A/C will use less energy keeping your home cool. The technician should inspect and clean the many components of your A/C. The will clean the condenser coil to ensure it will run efficiently lowering the energy costs by running less time.


Reduce Breakdowns

By getting your HVAC inspected and maintained regularly can help you avoid unexpected breakdowns. So be sure to schedule a A/C tune-up every Spring to keep you and your family comfortable.



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