Five Home Selling Mistakes

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Five Home Selling Mistakes Homeowners Make

When your home is on the market for sale some homeowners make mistakes that make their Listing Agent cringe. Your Agent should consult with you about things to do and not do that will make your home stand out above the competition. Hopefully you will learn a few things that will be productive and help get the more money in the least time for your home. 



Sometimes homeowners do not understand how offensive some odors are. A good example is someone who smokes in their home. I have had potential buyers not even walk in a home with heavy cigarette smoke odors. For some pet odors may be overwhelming. If your Listing Agent says there is an offensive odor there are ways to remedy that. 



In the pasted I have had clients whose homes are customized to their taste. But before listing a home it is important to depersonalize the home to make it appeal to a larger audience. It is important to have the home uniformly painted with a light neutral paint. Different patterns of flooring throughout the home will also turn many buyers off. These are just a few things to consider before listing your home for sale.


Turning Down a Showing

When a home seller makes it difficult to show the home it can result in the home being on the market longer and limit potential buyers from viewing the home. Real Estate Agents understand that kids have nap times, you just want to relax after a hard days work and you have a busy life. But if your home isn't available to view on a certain day it may be difficult for the buyer to view it on another day. So making the home easy to show will increase your chances of success.


Spying on Buyer's

Some homeowners may have hidden cameras or security cameras in their home. There are laws prohibiting recording conversations without a persons consent.  For more information about surveillance contact an Attorney. 


Being Present During a Showing

Almost nothing makes a buyer uncomfortable and want to leave a home when the homeowner is present during a showing. The buyer is reluctant to view the home. Another reason for the homeowner to not be present during a showing is they may give the Buyer's Agent confidential information such as the reason for selling the home. So when your home is being shown it's best to leave for a while it's being shown.



During the listing appointment your Real Estate Agent should give some pointers on what to do and not do. Many Real Estate Agents work with both Buyer's and Seller's and understand the psychology of both parties. 


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