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Buying a Home

If you are Buying your next home, a new home or your first home it is important to have a Buyer's Agent. An agent who represents your interests. Anytime you are Buying or Selling real estate it's always important to know who represents who. If in doubt. Ask

Another reason to Hire a Buyer's Agent is their commission is paid by the Seller. You get expertise and representation without having to pay them. 

Hiring a Buyer's Agent

Every Real Estate Agents brings in different talents and abilities to their client. The key is to find an Agent who is there to guide, advise and navigate you through the process. Just a few items of importance.

  • Familiar with the area Keep in mind Real Estate Brokers and Agents have a State-wide licence. Just because your agent can help you buy a home in the area you want. A Local Real Estate Agent would be more familiar with the public schools, employment opportunists, future growth that may have an impact on your future home and more. 
  • Communication One really big item is how well the Agent communicates with you. Do they give regular updates, return emails, texts and phone calls in a timely manner. 
  • Knowledge of Forms and Documents Is your Real Estate Agent familiar with the Forms and Documents needed to purchase a particular home. A good example would be a home located in a rural area with a septic system. Do they know which forms are needed to purchase this property. 
  • Local Contractors When purchasing a home many times the home will need repairs. Does your Agent have a list of contractors they have worked with in the pasted. 
  • Financing Although your Buyer's Agent is not a mortgage professional they should know about the different types of financing available. Your Agent should also be able to advise on what type of home loan may be the best fit for you.
  • Previewing Homes Your Buyer's Agent will also arrange home showings. They will make necessary arrangements to preview new and resale homes. 
  • Negotiate A Buyer's Agent will also negotiate terms of the contract and any repairs needed to the property.
  • Schedule The Buyer's Agent can also keep keep the Buyer informed of contract dates, inspections and be the go between the Seller's Agent, Title Company and Lender.
  • Emotional Filter Many times in a real estate transaction things may get emotional. The Buyers Agent is there to keep everyone focused on the end goal.  


When hiring a Buyer's Agent they are not all the same. Consider asking friends for referrals who were pleased with the service they received when purchasing a home. You may also want to interview a few Agents to see which would be a good fit for you. For more information about Hiring a Buyer's Agent contact Allen Deaver of Asset Realty.

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