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Dec. 11, 2019

Home Warranty Company's

Home Warranty Companys

When negotiating a contract for a Re-Sale home many times one of the items negotiated is a third-party Home Warranty. This warranty covers the new homeowner for the first year and after the coverage the homeowner has an option to continue the home warranty. One of the thing I tell ...

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Dec. 3, 2019

Foundation Repair

Cracked Foundation

Foundation Repair Company's

Unfortunately Foundation repairs are something fairly common with some Central Texas homes. This can be an extremely expensive repair and could effect the future Sale of the home. Below are a few Local Foundation Repair Company's. As always do your homework before having any work ...

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Dec. 3, 2019


Home Loan

Mortgage Brokers

The first step for many people wanting to purchase a home is funding. While using your Bank or Credit Union is acceptable I recommend using an independent Mortgage Broker. They have more freedom when searching for different types of loans tailored to meet you specific circumstances. Below is ...

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Dec. 1, 2019

Home Inspectors


Licensed Home Inspectors


Company                                                          Contact Name                              ...

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